A revolutionary propulsion system with extreme power and torque output in a compact package with low weight.

Our extremely powerful motors provide power density and torque output like no other. Best of all - they are built to be scalable.


Optimum level of integration make our systems the ideal choice for high-performance applications. Every component is perfectly matched to the entire system which results in the most power-dense solution in the 150+ kW range.

Our motor systems can be used as an independent-wheel drive system for?Torque Vectoring?applications but can also be matched to a differential or directly coupled to a shaft for a more traditional propulsion concept.


The Rimac Automobili Gearboxes were developed for the most demanding electric vehicle applications. They include a single or two speed system with dual-carbon-clutch and pulse dampening units.

The high-efficiency gear technology contributes to an extended battery-powered driving range and high torque capacity with more than 97% efficiency.



The Rimac I700 Inverter offers a compact design with a very high peak current (up of 1,000ARMS). We provide housing solutions available for both single and dual units which is perfectly matched to our next generation motors. Designed according to ISO26262 standards, we have optimised the design to reach the lowest weight whilst paying attention to build quality and durability.