The future of automotive is about staying connected, and Rimac is one step ahead. We have created user and OEM platforms to provide the end user and our Clients with the tools needed to interact with a single or multiple vehicles, all in real time.

M2M Telemetry Dashboard

Our M2M?Dashboard delivers a wealth of real-time data to the vehicle manufacturer through multiple viewing?screens

This provides the manufacturer?with extremely detailed data at a high refresh rate. Our?advanced?tool set and sharing capabilities provide the platform needed to for an in-depth analysis of a single, or multiple vehicles

Mobile Applications

Stay connected to your vehicle via?your smartphone. Rimac has developed some of the most advanced Mobile Applications for various OEM's, providing the user with a smart platform to be able to interact with their vehicle and access useful features such as HVAC Activation, Media Transfer, Service Notifications,?Navigation Tools?and crucial Powertrain/Battery Information