Battery Packs

Tailor made battery solutions for the most demanding projects. Rimac Technology's battery packs offer highly integrated all-in one solutions for a variety of different applications

Battery management system

Our proprietary Battery Management System(BMS) enables

  • Optimized battery usage through advanced SoC and SoH Algorithms
  • Extremely high measurment accuracy and refresh rate
  • Ultra low power consumption?

BMS Master Unit

The BMS Master device is the central unit supervising and controlling the?entire battery pack. It is capable of calculating very accurate SoC and SoH, pre-charging and multiple other functions. In order to precisely determine the SoC, it uses a more sophisticated method than the industry-standard single-current sensor set-up.

BMS Slave Unit

The BMS Slave units are compact devices that monitor and balance a series from 3 up to 12 battery cells. Several BMS Slave units can be used in a single pack or module, enabling supervision of different batteries, ranging from 6 to 1000 Volts

Thermal management

Thermal management of the battery packs is one of the most challenging issues in electric vehicles, especially prominent in high-performance applications. This is why we have designed, tested and verified different types of thermal management systems for different uses.

From liquid cooled, partially sunken solutions for the most extreme demands to the effective air cooled systems, our thermal management makes sure that all the cells are at optimal temperature ranges. This way the batteries can provide the required performance without sacrificing lifetime.

Battery pack capabilities

We have designed and development multiple battery packs for?the automotive industry. However, we are not limited to just automotive as we have experience with the nautical and e-bicycle market. Get in touch and let us know how we can support your project with a tailor made battery pack.