Creating Advanced driver-assistance systems

We are developing innovative ADAS features based on proven hardware using our own proprietary software.

Proprietary software

Our in-house ADAS team is developing scalable software for road going cars, to the most advanced conditions on a race track.?

With signature features such as Highway Pilot & City Pilot, safety features such as Driver Monitoring & 360°?Vehicle Monitoring, and comfort features such as Valet Parking, our team is able to bring your requirements to reality?

Driving coach

Rimac's unique "Driver Coach"?is a system designed not to replace but rather ?enhance” the drivers abilities

Either through race programs or live situations, the driver will have accessible?feedback such as audio, visual display and direct methods to assist and guide the vehicle to precision.? The driver is informed what is upcoming, where to turn, and how to optimize the vehicles performance, all whilst using additional safety measures