Life at Rimac

We are a collective of curious, highly motivated, innovation-driving individuals. We have one goal: to electrify the automotive industry, starting with the high-performance niche. Every day, we go above and beyond the standard definition of commitment.

Rimac has been around since 2011. It grew from a garage project and one-man band show to a technology powerhouse and a globally recognized high-performance EV and HEV technology leader, built upon the passion and vision of the company's founder and CEO Mate Rimac. Growing at an exponential pace, the company has doubled in size multiple consecutive years. This sets a challenge to retain the team spirit and inclusive culture in a structured organization. We seek to be big, fast and nimble.

Today, Rimac numbers around 500 people at locations on the outskirts of Zagreb, in Split, Osijek and Joint Venture in China. The company's core competencies are in the design, development, and production of all-electric hypercars and high-performance electrification components for our partners in the automotive industry. From a sketch on paper to the finished car, Rimac is where everything happens.

We are just getting started. Join us as we continue to grow and bring exciting products to the market.

Company culture

The Rimac culture is summarized by a set of values. These express our shared beliefs, guide our day-to-day actions and drive our decisions. We encourage all of our employees to:

  • Be curious
  • Embrace innovation and drive change
  • Be committed and passionate
  • Be humble and lead by example
  • Create an inclusive culture
  • Leverage the collective genius
  • Deliver, and go the extra mile.

It does look like a set of well-put clichés doesn’t it? Let’s put it this way:

We at Rimac are working on the most innovative technology in the automotive industry, designing, engineering, and manufacturing it in-house and from scratch.
We are underdogs competing with some of the biggest names out there. These big names then come to us for the technology.
We love what we do and we are very much invested in it.
We know our weaknesses and push through them, charged by the potential that’s there to be accomplished.
We are in this together. To us, impossible is not an option.
We enjoy the results but are always hungry for more.


Rimac has been voted the best employer in Croatia several years now by the anonymous polls among the employees. We don't know whether it's the passion for interesting projects and technology, or working with the sharpest minds, or the location; we think it might be a bit of everything. These are all the perks that come with the job, at least our employees seem to think so. However, there are all the little things that make life at Rimac so much easier:?

  • Bring your pet to work
  • Work flexible hours
  • Work from home
  • Bond at the company events
  • Stay charged with endless supplies of fruit & coffee
  • Join sports activities
  • Include your little ones in our family activities
  • Rent-a-Greyp-Bike
  • Shop at discounts
  • Give an employee referral, get a bonus
  • Additional and supplementary health insurance